Bugsy Malone - Hampton Prep Year 3 and 4 Play

Bugsy Malone - Hampton Prep Year 3 and 4 Play

It is 1929 and in New York the city is divided by gang warfare. On one side, Dandy Dan’s mob terrorise the district, taking out those they turn against with their new bubble guns. On the other side, Dandy Dan’s rival, Boss Sam, runs his successful Grand Slam Speakeasy and still uses old-fashioned weapons to deal with his victims. When Sam’s gang is brutally bubbled and his empire is under threat, he engages the help of Bugsy Malone, a smooth-talking man about town. Year 3 and 4 present this roaring adventure, filled with gangsters, speakeasys, guns and showgirls. Can Bugsy and the gang outsmart their rivals and come out on top? Join us at Boss Sam’s Grand Slam and find out.

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